Our car was broken into this morning.  A suitcase containing 95% of my zine collection along with my button maker, one inch die cutter, a bunch of OKBB merchandise, a ton of art supplies for zine making and my incredible rubber band ball were stolen. I am sure the thief is super bummed out by this score. I am super bummed out too because I shouldn’t have left a full suitcase in the back of our car. We never leave stuff in our vehicle, but I got lazy. I was tired after packing up my stuff at the studio and I was too lazy to haul the 50 pound suitcase up our stairs. I still had to do laundry and pack for my trip to Chicago the next morning. The suitcase would be fine. Right? WRONG. 

The silver lining to this stupid theft cloud is that the show of support from my friends (some I know in real life and some I have never met before) has been amazing. Some have been offering to donate zines to the new collection. Just incredible. WOW…Big Time Thanks from me and Big Time Thanks from future workshop students. REALLY AMAZING! People are so GOOD! (except for that jerk that broke our window and stole our suitcase…well, maybe he/she has the potential to be good, but doing this certainly wasn’t a step in the right direction).  

So, Clifton and I started doing some airplane brainstorming (I am currently enroute to Chicago and he is currently sitting in the glass repair waiting room in Portland, so we had some time on our hands). This new collection is going to be photographed and each zine will be given the appropriate credits (year, artist, where purchased, who donated it and where to purchase if still available). These images will be archived online and accessible to a way bigger audience than my previous collection. I am excited to get this project started. I am excited to share even more work that I love with even more people!

So, if you have a pile of zines that you would want to donate please ship to me at ADX Portland / 417 SE 11th AVE / Portland, OR 97214. You can borrow them back whenever you would like and I promise never to leave them in a suitcase in my car ever again. Also, if you make zines and want to be a part of the library that will travel to several schools every year, I welcome your rad works with open arms!

*above…images of my zine collection RIP!

*also, I fully aware the the events that just took place could be a skit in the third season of Portlandia. 

*also, big thanks to Will Bryant and Amy Martin for searching the streets this morning looking for the sad suitcase. Also, a big thanks to anyone who is keeping an eye out for a grey Swiss Gear suitcase hanging out in SE Portland!